Your Guide to Strategic Shopping!

Your Guide to Strategic Shopping!

I share with you today some of the best ways to find great deals on clothes, furniture, and all your home decor needs. Growing up I didn’t have much and I was taught to cherish everything I had/earned…well when I got married I was told by mother in law if you buy good quality it might cost more but it will last a lifetime. So let’s just say I put these two life lessons together and learned how to find super bargains. Now I totally understand some people aren’t patient enough to bargain shop; like my husband…he believes in convenience and that time is too valuable to be searching for deals, but if you are you’ve landed in the right spot. The list you’ve been waiting for…

#1- hands down
#2- Dillard’s Clearance Center
#4-Purple Cow 

Furniture and Home Decor
#2-Heirloom Furnishing in NOLA
#3-Blackflash Antiques
#4-Estate Sales
#7-Habitat Restores
#8-Wayfair (Open Box)
#9-Amazon (Used)

A few of my favorite finds so far…

Now don’t forgot to price shop the product online using before purchasing. Simply search for like items to see if you have scored a deal. You will know a deal trust me! Most of the price setting is done using google anyway. Remember these prices are also negotiable, so it never hurts to do your research. 

Fashion shopping tips!
Always buy the blazer! I have to remember this myself. Look for silks and wools—pricey these days and hard to come by as well. Most clothing store have a high end rack…I shop those when I first entered the store(did you think you were the only one shopping lol), anyways hold on to maybes, and make at least 2 trips around the rack.

When it comes to furniture try to find the brand name and search using that information. Let me tell you older furniture is solid, don’t be concerned with a few scratches—how long do you think it will take you to scratch your shiny new particle board furniture? When it comes to drawers (in dressers or chest etc) dovetail joints for the win—displays great craftsmanship and longevity. Just a few gems I don’t want to bore you. Feel free to leave your questions or comments. 
Dovetail joint

Happy Strategic Shopping Folks! Omniley?

Belle Omniley
Belle Omniley

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