Why SPF is an Essential Part of Your Beauty Routine

One of the biggest, most unfortunate myths black people have passed down through generations is that we don’t need to wear sunscreen. No seriously, somewhere along the line, we convinced ourselves that thanks to all this wonderful melanin, we can’t get sunburned and therefore sunscreen is a non-issue. But the thing is, this is only partly true. While melanin does serve as the skin’s means of protection against damaging UV rays (basically the more melanin, the more protection), having an abundance of melanin doesn’t make our skin sun damage-proof. It is still important to wear sunscreen, no matter how dark your skin is. When UV rays penetrate your skin, it causes cell damage and in response, your body produces more melanin in the form of a tan. Tans don’t mean that suddenly your skin has a suit of armour against the sun, in fact it is indicative that you probably need to layer on the sunscreen to prevent further damage. Experts suggest that you should wear SPF 30 or higher when spending time in the sun and reapply every couple hours. Not only will wearing sunscreen lower your risk of skin cancer, it will also help keep your skin looking vibrant and youthful. People of color are less prone to wrinkles as a result of skin damage, but we are prone to hyperpigmentation, textured skin, uneven tone and dark patches. If you are someone who notices any of these skin challenges, try incorporating sunscreen into your routine. Even if your skin is perfect, layer on the sunscreen just to be safe (remember, prevention is always better than cure). UV rays are unavoidable, which means that wearing sunscreen simply isn’t negotiable. Give your skin the TLC it deserves, simply by adding a little sunscreen into the mix, your skin will thank you. I have linked below my current go-tos for the summer! Omniley

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Belle Omniley
Belle Omniley

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