Top 5 Cleaning Products

Top 5 Cleaning Products
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Hey y’all, I hope everyone is doing well. Have you ever got a product and were so pleased with the results. Nowadays, it’s unfortunate, but many products never hold up to their claims. Today I’m sharing…

My Top 5 Cleaning Products

Before we get into these products, let me first disclose that these are not clean/organic products. Also, I always recommend wearing protective gloves and testing an inconspicuous spot when using any new cleaner.

First up is Trivona Granite Sealer & Protectant.  Just when I was at the point of a mental breakdown due to the new countertop material, I found this product, and it is amazing. We use it daily on our quartzite to keep it sealed and protected. Quartzite is natural and is such a porous material it absorbs anything.

Dawn Powerwash has so many uses at my home. From dishwashing to baseboards to outside on the grills. This is a power-packed cleaner and is not as harsh as some heavy-duty cleaners tend to be. I love that they have refills available, which helps with the cost savings. We have one at each sink area and outside by the grills at all times.

Krud Kutter Cleaner and Degreaser. I have been using this product going on 6 years. This is a game changer if you have dogs that drool onto your walls and baseboards.  This is available in a few forms ranging from concentrated to outdoor usage.

Long’s Toilet Ring Remover. I have been using this since I got married, so going on 20 years. I learned about this product from my mother-in-law. When I say a miracle in a bottle. This stuff does not disappoint and does not take a lot of arm work either. The key is to make sure you lower the water below the ring you are trying to remove and make sure you use the special applicator brush. I recommend using this product in moderation. I am not sure what or how it works, but it does.  I always buy in bulk when I’m back home, and now I can order off Amazon. This is a must-try product!!!

Last but certainly not least, there is Pledge Restoring Wood Oil. I found this a few months ago, thanks to my husband. He was polishing his wainscotting and said you really should try this…of course, I didn’t at first. I later tested it out and soon ordered my own supply. I use this on all the woodwork in our home, along with our furniture. It not only gives it an amazing shine, but it helps repel dust. This is super helpful because it cuts down my dusting time.

I use these products at least once a week.

I also share below some additional go-to products I keep stocked at home.

If I could only choose one of my top 5, it would definitely be the Long’s Toilet Ring Remover. I hate cleaning toilets, and this stuff makes it a breeze. Be sure to let me know if you use any of these products or decide to try one. Be Well. Omniley


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