Throw Me Something Mister

Throw Me Something Mister

What exactly is Mardi Gras?

The name comes from the Three Wise Men in the Bible, who came bearing blessings for Baby Jesus on the Twelfth Night. King cake is typically served on King’s Day (January 6) and keeps going through the eve of Mardi Gras to celebrate the coming of the three Kings, as well as to honor them with a sweet tribute to their jeweled crowns.

What is this we call King Cake?

Ordinarily, King cake is made of a rich, doughy batter and a wide cluster of fillings, such as cinnamon, chocolate, and cream cheese. But the rainbow enchantment is found within the coat and sprinkles, which are as a rule gold, green, and purple. Indeed the colors of the icing have a more profound meaning. Gold speaks to power, green is related to faith, and purple outlines justice. King cake is made without a center, like your normal Bundt cake, but buried inside could be a modest, plastic baby figurine (or in my case a minecraft).

Why the baby inside the cake?

Well, there are two speculations. A few accept the plastic child as imagery of Baby Jesus since of the devout association to King’s Day. Others, in any case, accept the well-known New Orleans legend, which proposes that a King cake was served with a bean or ring set interior amid the commemoration of the king’s ball in colonial Louisiana. Rather than a bean or costly ring, the plastic baby is typically utilized nowadays as an insignia of great good fortune. In spite of the fact that as history would have it, the fortunate person who scores the piece of King cake with the infant interior is said to pick up favor, and they’re too entrusted with facilitating obligations and bringing the next King cake for the next gathering.

All about the Balls…

Some of the most glittering spectacles of Mardi Gras happen behind closed doors at grand balls thrown by krewes for their members and lucky guests. More than a hundred Carnival balls take place every year in New Orleans, beginning with the Twelfth Night Ball, held on Jan. 6, by the Twelfth Night Revelers. While most balls are invitation-only, a select few are open to the public. Check with your local paper for a listing of Mardi Gras balls held in your local town in Louisiana. (

So now that I gave you the quick run down on Mardi Gras and King Cake I would be remiss if I didn’t share the top voted vendor right? Randazzo’s

I however opted for my homemade keto version here and you can find the recipe or get one locally Get Fit.

Click for all of the details and parades in NOLA.

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Belle Omniley

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