Pantry Organization 101

Pantry Organization 101


My pantries are some of the most used areas in my house. In other words, they are always a disaster. I had some extra time on my hand recently, so I decided to tackle the most used pantry. The main caveat is living with a teenage boy that’s always hungry and on the run and a hubby who could care less about an organization. It seems like the more space we get, the bigger the mess we make. Also, one thing about me is I hate using all the space in one area. It just feels junky to me; therefore, I end up with like items in multiple areas of the house. 


Picking categories and containers

Consider your categories and type of containers to use? I recommend using see-through containers so you can immediately know what is running low at all times. It will help writing your grocery list a lot easier. Also, wickers baskets and multi-tier shelves are a must. Use whatever storage you have. Everything doesn’t have to match.

Declutter Time

Move all items from the pantry. This is key to placing items in the appropriate categories.

Purge and let go

Purge all expired items immediately. This helps with a fresh start.

Cleaning time 

Cleanse shelves and floors. Nothing like the perfect time to clean when you have bare shelves.

Labeling time 

Label all containers and totes, especially if you have smaller kids to keep them from exploring through all containers. It also makes it super convenient for anyone to pop in and out. I used Avery 22856.

While I still have a second more massive pantry, I’ll be tackling soon…this was a checkbox I’ve completed off of my to-do list. Happy Organizing!

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