How We Care For Our Houseplants

How We Care For Our Houseplants

I hope this post finds you well and in good spirits. I’m sharing all about how I care for our indoor plants! There is just something about a space filled with house plants that makes a house feel like home. I love outdoor planting too, but the snakes and I don’t get along. I find caring for plants so relaxing and rewarding. Not to mention when you nurture a plant for years and look back at pictures and can see the growth (a win ? ), I have definitely lost my fair share along the way, but I’ve finally learned how to care for my friends. With that being said, I’m sharing how I care for our plants, the types of plants we have around our home, and our favorite place to buy house plants – let’s go!

Types of houseplants we have: The leafy plant in the birdcage is new to the family and is called a Golden Pothos, its supposedly a quick-growing vine and is an excellent choice for beginners. We have three Fiddle Leaf Figs trees in the living room; the tallest one is 3 years old, and the other two are about 1.5 years old. The younger ones were originally one plant and I split it into two. A fiddle-leaf fig tree is a dramatic statement indoors but needs care to thrive as a houseplant. Give it filtered sun and a snug pot—and water sparingly. Now let’s talk about the gorgeous ZZ plant in the chinoiserie planter it’s about 1 year old, and I just got a new one a few days ago. ZZ plants are low-maintenance tropical houseplants with glossy leaves that are drought-tolerant and happy in low light. They have proven to be quite forgiving if you forget about them for a couple weeks—good reasons to add one to your indoor plant collection as soon as possible. Now can you keep secret???? The swiss cheese looking ones are artificial! Fake it until you make it right…these are called Monstera and supposedly easy to take care of also. I bought these two when we first moved in our home. I initially had them in our closed-in bookcases. I will soon be getting some real ones.

Favorite place to shop for houseplants: Hands down Clegg’s Nursery! By far the best service and not to mention my son works there, and we get a discount. I also shop at Home Depot and Lowe’s for houseplants when convenient.

Houseplant care: There are a few non-negotiables that every houseplant needs…natural light, water, and plant food. I water each one weekly; on occasion, I have gone two weeks without watering and have had no issues. Every other week I add in a squirt or two of houseplant fertilizer to the watering pale. We use Miracle Grow, and it works wonders for us! I recommend following the package instructions for mixing recommendations. Houseplants typically require either high, medium, or low light. When buying plants, they usually come with a planting and care instruction card; I recommend holding on to this card (just leave in the plant) until you feel comfortable taking care of it. If plants don’t get the light they need, they won’t necessarily die, but they will stop producing new growth. I also clean plant leaves with a mixture of soap and water every two months and then spray with leaf shine.

Go-to stores for planters and pots: I LOVE shopping for pots and planters. I prefer colored pots and woven planters. Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Tuesday Morning, and Ross for Less always have unique finds. The Aglaonema pictured is in a woven basket (is lined with plastic) that came from Marshalls and is no longer available, but you can get similar from Walmart, and the plant stand is from Wayfair. Our round table is by Stanley Furniture and was purchased from Tuesday Morning years ago. 

I hope this post was helpful! I’m excited to be sharing more of our home decor with you all. How cute is the Orange Blossoms Dress I’m wearing? It’s from a local boutique! Omniley

*All thoughts and recommendations are from my own experiences and this is not a sponsored post.
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