A Woman’s Best Friend and Protector-My Dog and his Diet Journey

A Woman’s Best Friend and Protector-My Dog and his Diet Journey

Greetings. I hope this post finds you well. We recently began making changes to help with our buddy Bane’s overall health, especially as he gets up in age. I truly wish we had done this years ago…I remember vividly the day we picked him up from the airport. After months of researching the perfect dog for our family and finally getting the okay from my husband, we found the ideal Breeder. I did tons of research, and this guy and I have become like peanut butter and jelly.

If you have been following me for a while, you know we went through a scary patch last year when he underwent surgery and had a rocky recovery. It was then that I began doing thorough research on how we could help him more, and the first thing was his diet. I again started looking for a dog food that would support his overall health, including joint support and his energy level.

Funny thing is since he has been with us, he has always been a picky eater. I’m sure our veterinarian got sick of me talking about him not eating enough. I went from clockwork feeding to graze feeding, and he still never really ate as much as I thought he should. So let’s just say he has had his fair share of dog foods on the market. We have tried a raw diet, high protein, large breed and etc.; nothing ever hit the mark for us.


I recently discovered Wellness CORE RawRev with Wholesome Grains, and we are totally impressed. Wellness CORE RawRev is a natural, high-quality kibble with pieces of craveworthy 100% freeze dried raw meat. The turkey is so moist, and we love the all-natural ingredients. 

We have noticed an increase in the luster and shininess of his coat and most importantly his energy level is improving. He is getting up in the morning and ready to eat.

We believe feeding your dog better food makes them healthier from the inside out. Wellness CORE RawRev is better food, so your best friend can live a better life. We are looking forward to many more great memories with our furry friend. Click here to learn more about Wellness CORE RawRev and save $3 off your purchase. Omniley?



This post is sponsored by Wellness CORE but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.
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