DIY Home Office Desk with Sawhorse Legs

DIY Home Office Desk with Sawhorse Legs

Greetings! Am I the only one looking forward to cooler weather. With all the changes going on in the world that is affected our daily living; I recently made the decision to relocate my home office space to the other side of our home. My son is 100% virtual academy and I needed a closed-off space to conduct my work and after-hours blogger job. 

I have started using design boards lately to help me recreate spaces since I’m currently working on so many projects it easier to visualize my designs especially when I’m out shopping and for accessories. I ended up having to do a DIY design on my desk because I received the desk in the design board and they shipped me the wrong color by the time I went to try and order the right color it was on backorder. I didn’t get my feathers in a ruffle, because it was actually made out of particleboard. So I took off to Lowes and a few pieces of wood, sawhorses, and paint later, And voila. 



Supplies needed for this project:

(2) 21-in W x 29-in H Wood Saw Horse

(2) 3/4-in x 16-in x 6-ft Edge-Glued Panel Spruce Pine Fir Board

(3) Krylon COLORmaxx Gloss White Spray Paint and Primer In One

(3) Krylon Lacquer Specialty Gloss White Spray Paint

(2) Krylon High-gloss Metallic Gold Leaf Metallic Spray Paint

(1) Drop Cloth

(1) Pkg 0.07-in Steel Flat Brace (I used 2 from the package)

(1) container of PrimeGuard Plus 8 x 2-in Polymer Deck Screws

(1) 6 x 9 Drop Cloth

Electric Drill with bits

Step 1: Prime and paint your wood to the color of your choice. I opted for gold legs and a white top.

There were tons of wood options at Lowes, but unfortunately, the cutting machine was down, so to minimize the time on the project I opted to get something that was already cut to a size I could work with. If you have the option to have your wood cut the wood prices are cheaper.

Board is already primer and now I am painting.

Step 2: Once boards and legs are completed dry place the tabletop boards together upside down and use the braces to hold them in place. I had already decided because the desk was so long that I was going to have multiple sitting areas, (on each end and in the middle) so plan for the placement of your legs when placing braces. I recommend at least 4″ from the end on each side.

Step 3: At this point, I recommend moving the desk where you plan on placing it. If you put it all together it could be difficult getting it through small doorframes. Once you are ready simply attach the sawhorse legs with at least 6 screws are on each leg. Do this by placing the sawhorse legs space apart where you want them and then place the tabletop on top of the sawhorse legs. I had 13 1/2″ overhang on each side of my sawhorse legs, but this number can be adjusted based on your wants and the size tabletop you choose. Minus the drying time and the time in Lowes this takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

The space still looks bare hopefully I can wrap it up before the end of the year. Yes, that’s indecisive Omniley for you. As always thanks for tagging along on this journey. Be Blessed. Omniley.


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