Here’s a quick tutorial on how to jazz up fake plants. Whether indoor or outdoor your neighbors and friends will definitely envy your green thumb.

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If you ever visit my home, you will know who primarily has the green thumb. Yes, you guessed it right, my husband. I for one was not prepared for the amount of wildlife activity that occurs when you are surrounded by water and the woods.  I have seen my fair share of snakes; therefore during the spring and summer months, I leave the gardening to my husband. This year I still wanted plants on my porches; I have the great idea of trying out fake plants. So here’s my take on styling fake plants.

Plant(s). The first step is picking your plant(s). I have wanted lemon trees for a while. We have a few real ones in the yard, but I think the yellow looks perfect against my chinoiserie planters so I opted for lemon trees. This tutorial will work for any fake plant.

Planter(s). I am partial to any chinoiserie planter or anything blue and white. So have your pick. The perfect planter really makes the project pop. The best places to get planters at a great price are Tuesday Morning, TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, and Marshalls.

Potting Soil. You can choose any soil you like here. Remember, if you are potting a fake plant, it doesn’t need to be filled with fertilizer. I used some of my husband’s bulk gardening soil.

Moss. This moss definitely makes the plant look even more realistic. The lemon trees used in this tutorial came with moss. I also added some additional moss I picked up from Hobby Lobby.

Now depending on the number of plants you are potting, this project takes less than 5 minutes per plant. The first thing I do is make a flat base in the planter for the plant to sit on. These particular planters had grooves in the bottom for draining, so I added a layer of soil on the bottom to make my plants sit flush. I then secured the plant in its position by adding soil around it. From there, I fill the planter will soil as I would planting a real plant. 

Last but definitely not less, I added moss. Normally when planting a real plant, I use moss to hold the moisture in so I don’t have to water as much. Now if you decide to try this, please let me know. Your secret will be safe with me! Omniley.



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