Making this a smart home

When my husband said he wanted to upgrade all the locks in our home I was game,  until he said smart locks. My radar immediately went off ?this is going to be expensive and I still have some fabric I want more than locks.
Anywho Black Friday came and I found some pretty good deals so I said why not…almost 2 months later and they are almost all installed.
Let’s just say I had some minor setbacks. Locksmith no showed 2 weeks in a row…OLD doors NEW locks foolishness. Nothing was an easy fit without adjustments that required drilling and 4 trips to my local hardware store (Sullivans Hardware).
I LOVE THESE GUYS! They have been helping my through all my projects…
Fast forward it was all so worth it! I dont have to fumble for keys anymore. I can open from my phone or simply enter my code on the keypad. All those near bladder accidents are a thing of the past. I am constantly chugging water and always seem to be on the brink of disaster when I pull in my driveway.
I no longer have to wonder if my latchkey kid has his key! For the win…so I say to my hubby great upgrade request.
All locks used by Schlage in bright brass…I absolutely love all gold fixtures

Belle Omniley
Belle Omniley

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