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Greetings, I hope this post finds you well. Thinking of treating mom to something different this year. How about hosting a generational afternoon tea party.  I remember hosting a generational tea party about five years ago and it was unforgettable. The hardest part of the planning was locating the perfect teacup set. A generational tea party is perfect for moms of all ages.

I love mixing the old with the new; it not only speaks to my grand millennial style, but it is also sustainable. I was able to thrift my teacup and saucer set from an estate sale along with my floral teapot.

What do you need to host an afternoon generational tea party? Guest, tea sandwiches, scones, desserts, and of course tea. Traditional afternoon tea is normally served between lunch and dinner and is accompanied by light treats. I sharing all the hosting tips and tricks below on how to make a generational afternoon tea party a hit.

Black Tea

Earl Grey tea is probably the most famous black tea blend in the world. It has a citrusy, sweet flavor thanks to the bergamot oil. Earl grey tea pairs best with afternoon tea sweets.

Tea Sandwiches

I opted to serve chicken salad sandwiches, egg salad rolls, and cucumber dill sandwiches. The chicken and egg salad sandwiches can be prepared a day ahead. I don’t recommend doing the cucumber sandwiches until the day of your event. You can however slice the cucumbers ahead of time and place them in a Ziploc bag.


Here’s the perfect time to showcase your baking skills. If you have that perfect scones recipe it’s time to share it with your friends. No worries if you don’t bake or if you are short on time. Check with your local bakery or fresh market they usually have fresh scones daily.


Don’t wear yourself out when it comes to preparing your dessert.  I was able to get macaroons and 2 bite brownies from our local Oak Point Market.

The last afternoon tea party I held was a few years ago. I don’t think we follow all the hard fast rules of a proper tea party, so  I did find a guide that details the do’s and don’t of a tea party for reference.

Hosting Tip: If you are hosting a tea party at your house, you can use anything from a simple teapot or kettle to something culturally traditional, like a cast iron pot to brew tea. Cast iron teapots can improve the taste of tea, especially if they have been passed down from previous generations.

If you are still stuck on what to do for Mother’s Day or would like to hold your own afternoon tea party I hope you bookmark this reading and save it for later. Omniley

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