Home Tour Christmas 2019

Home Tour Christmas 2019

It all began with picking the perfect tree from our local Cleggs Nursery. We were very hesitant to go with a live tree in all of our 18 years together we had never had one in our home. The main fear was would it die before Christmas and would the family room be taken over by the shedding needles. Mr. Scott from the nursery was very helpful and knowledgable and advised us that the tree needed the most watering the first week…and boy did it suck up some water the first week. Let’s just say we were super pleased with the live tree not by only the uniqueness in shape, but also the fragrant smell. We will definitely do at least one live tree every Christmas moving forward. I hope you had a blessed Christmas 2019. I share with you our traditional Christmas style decor. Here’s to a Happy New Year in 2020.

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Belle Omniley
Belle Omniley

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