Coffee Table Styling

Coffee Table Styling
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Greetings. I hope this post finds you well. After a little over 4 years of being in our dream home, I finally got a coffee table. So just to be clear, we’ve had a table in the space for a while, but it wasn’t anything that we had picked specifically for this room. If you know me well then you know that I am an avid thrifter/estate sale queen. I love shopping at estate sales because you can find excellent quality furniture/decor and at great prices. I’m no cookie-cutter person and love unique and antique items. This is one of the reasons we bought our home it was built before we were born and everything about it is so unique. 

Due to COVID, I haven’t been to estate sales since February. Shortly I will be returning to the field for work, so I decided to wrap up the last lingering task of picking out a coffee table. I decided to go with my love for brass and being bold and ended up with this Hammered Coffee Table. I thought my work was done until it arrived and I had to decorate it. This is what I ended up with after two days of placing and rearranging. 

Today I’m sharing with you 4 tips to bring your coffee table to life without overpowering the table or room. 

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Step 1: Start with a Base Item.

A base item can be a tray, runner, or books. I didn’t want to take away from the brass or my rug so I went with some simple decor books. Books can create a perfect contrast. I adore using hardcover books, but you can opt to use magazines as well. Amazon is a great price for books I always try to check for used versions for a price break. Estates sales and garage sales are great options for old books too.

Step 2: Medium Size Decor Item

As with anything you want to have a balance to your coffee table. Make sure you use a medium size decor item. You will personally have to decide what is considered medium-sized based on the size of your coffee table. Here I am using a medium-size ginger jar; it will be slightly smaller than my main piece but a bit larger than my base item (in terms of height).

Step 3: Large Size Decor Item

I like to refer to this as the “conversation piece”. Pick a piece that will be eye-catching and will get at least one or two looks from any guest you invite in your home. I opted for this llama planter. I picked it up from my local Tuesday Morning and I knew it would be perfect for our coffee table. I used the white to break up the depth of the brass from the coffee table and “WOW” was I pleased with my selection. This piece is no overpowering the table or other pieces but gives the table that extra dimension it needed.

Step 4: Greenery

The final, but most important tip ADD GREENERY. Greenery/floral arrangement is always the final step when finishing any design space. Since this is in an area near books and brass I opted to use a faux arrangement. You can always use fresh clippings from your yard or a bouquet from the market just be mindful of the risk associated with the water.


Thanks so much for stopping by again. I look forward to sharing many more home posts with you. Until next time…Be Well-Omniley

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