At Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

3 Big Reasons Why At-Home Teeth Whitening Is Easier Than You Think (And Also a Lot of Fun)

There’s nothing like a big, white smile to light up a room. That’s particularly true for someone like me, who is constantly meeting with new clients as part of my job and posting photos of myself on social media. Like it or not, but people judge you for the littlest things, and one of them is your smile.

That’s why I was so curious to try the new at-home teeth whitening system from Smile Brilliant. Typical whitening solutions that you see all the time in the supermarket or drugstore never seemed like a long-term fix to me – I was looking for something a little more permanent and long lasting. What I found out by using the Smile Brilliant system just blew me away.

1 – You get a custom fit for your teeth

OK, how many of you have tried those whitening strips you can find at your local pharmacy? Yes, me too, I’ve tried them before and always had a hard time getting them to stay in place. (In hindsight, thinking that a one-size-fits-all dental solution would work for me was probably not the best idea!)

So I loved the fact that Smile Brilliant ships a little custom kit to your home, where you can make custom dental impressions of your teeth and then ship everything back in a prepaid envelope. It reminded me of times when I was a young girl, pretending that I was a doctor or dentist. Best of all, it only takes, like, 15 minutes to complete the whole process of making a dental impression and then you get your custom trays!

2 – You can wear your trays in the privacy of your own home

A lot of people think that working with whitening trays means going to dentists for regular checkups or something like that. Not at all – they don’t call this an “at-home teeth whitening product” for nothing. Everything – and I mean everything – can be handled from the privacy and comfort of your own home. In my case, I liked to pop in my trays and catch up on Netflix while the whitening was going to work.

3 –You get results super-fast

Before I started with Smile Brilliant, I assumed that an at-home teeth whitening experience would take weeks, if not months, to work. (I drink a lot of Racetrac coffee, and I assumed all those caffeine stains would need a little extra time to remove…) So I was absolutely blown away by the fact that I started to see results after the first week, and by Week 2 I was getting the type of white, brilliant smile that you only see in fashion magazines. And I wasn’t having any issues with tooth sensitivity, either. Awesome!


After 10 sessions

At the end of the day, ordering an at-home teeth whitening system was way easier than I ever could have imagined. Not to mention that my teeth are whiter and cleaner than I can even remember. It’s time to start showing off my new pearly whites to everyone I know!

Okay so now it’s your turn. I’ve team up with Smile Brilliant to give you a chance to WIN a FREE whitening kit of your own. Enter to win here and if you can’t wait, use code omniley15 for 15% off.

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This post is in collaboration with Smile Brilliant. Of course all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the companies who support Belle Omniley?

Belle Omniley
Belle Omniley

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