Adding Touches of Fall into Your Existing Home Decor

Adding Touches of Fall into Your Existing Home Decor
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Greetings. It’s officially Fall. I decided to start decorating early this year to give my family the opportunity to fully enjoy the season. I myself have had such an eventful year it has really helped me put into perspective how much I have taken for granted.

Fall is a favorite for both my husband and myself.  We definitely have some must-haves we do every fall. For him, it’s roasting a pig and for me, it’s my famous Coconut Curry Caramel Popcorn. We both love watching movies by the fireside. On Thanksgiving, we have made it a tradition after dinner is served to watch “Gone With the Wind”.

How do I transition from season to season with my decor you ask? It’s simply…I usually just incorporate smaller pieces of seasonal decor into my space but keeping my main canvas timeless. I love chinoiserie patterns and I am a blue and white Belle forever, so those themes/colors are always the features of my main canvas.















Decorating Tip: If you have a long table and can’t find one centerpiece the proper length; just buy multiple centerpieces and push them together. You can use the foliage to cover any gaps and also add picks for more fullness. My table is over 10 ft long so I placed together three centerpieces and added in three pumpkin picks.

Decorating Tip: I love using various textures in my decor. Here you have ceramic, velvet, and wood.

Decorating Tip: Use what you have on hand and incorporate nature. I used magnolia leaves from our yard as place cards and magnolia around the magnolia clip for a festive napkin ring.

Tip: Don’t break or damage the stem of real pumpkins and they will last longer. This are real pumpkins stacked (cinderella and two acorns)





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Here is where I plan on spending most of September and October weekends. Should be the perfect temperature for enjoying fall. No mosquitos and snakes.

I hope this read brings you some inspiration to decorate and enjoy the season even more. As always thank you for following along on my journey. Your support means everything to me. Please leave me a like or comment so I can continue sharing. Be Well-Omniley


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