Adding a new Puppy to the Pact

Adding a new Puppy to the Pact
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Wow can you believe Fall is upon us? 2020 has been dishing out some events, to say the least. Many of you may have noticed a new addition to the Belle Omniley family so I felt a formal introduction was well overdue. My new four-legged friend has been with us for a little over 2 months and we finally have a routine in place and I’m here to report on the addition and the journey so far.

Why a new dog? If you remember a while back my old buddy was experiencing some health issues and the veterinarian has been trying to prepare me for the worst. Bane is so well trained a breeder and dear friend of mine recommended I get a new puppy so Bane could help train him.

Why not another Corso? So I’m a stickler for loyalty and I didn’t want to get another Corso for fear that Bane would think I was trying to replace him, so I went to do a ton of research.

Why a Chinese Shar-Pei? One word “PROTECTION” One might say because of the look, but I need a pet that earns his keep. So far he is doing just that.

When picking our new friend I wasn’t so hung up on the coat color as I was the health history (as this is a high maintenance breed). After 3 weeks of searching for a breeder, I finally narrowed it down to two. Of course, I prayed about and my husband wanted me to get a Corso, but after I got a picture of Chubbs I was sold. They called him Bear. I’m sure I drove the breeder crazy with all my questions, but I wanted to make sure we were the perfect family for Bear. 

Fast forward the day finally came for us to go get him. My son and I drove to TX and picked him up. My son held him the entire way back. The first two nights were a nightmare. A week into him being with us Bane decided to hit the road for at least 12 hours another long story. One walk into the pool and a scare snap later by Bane and he is running the house.

So far I have had to switch them to the same food because they each want each other’s food and any grains for Chubbs is a no-no. I also buy two of everything (identical) and it has helped keep the confusion down. My go-to foods are Acana Red Meat Grain-Free Acana Red Meat Grain-Free, Roam Freezer Dried treats Roam Freezer Dried treats, and Himalayan Pet chews Himalayan Pet chews.

They got off to a rocky start, but Bane is definitely doing a great job with training and looking after our new friend.

As always thanks for taking the time to follow my journey; where would I be without your support. Omniley



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