Lookbook 61: Back at It

Saturdays are for cleaning up and to finish binge-watching #GOT, but 1st a little workout. I’ve been spending so much time traveling for work I haven’t been going to the gym. I was hoping to get a little motivation from these athletic pants I scored from @amazon for under $20 ??????. I am pleased to say I went to the gym 3/4 days this week and I actually did an upper arm workout??. So I’m sharing a few tips on how I plan on staying healthy and active while traveling.

1️⃣ Always always keep tons of healthy snack options on hand. My lunchbox is normally packed with a combination of either trailmix, boiled eggs, egg muffins, or @questbars. This helps me avoid stopping for fast food?

2️⃣ Stay active! We all know the gate from the connecting flights is almost always out of Gate BCD etc and you are in A. This is a workout in itself, but its all out the door when you stop at Starbucks and get the Grande Iced Latte…

3️⃣ Plan an activity. Let’s face it… no one really wants to workout when traveling. I always pack gym clothes and never touch them. ? I try to take stairs when I can and take long walks too. What are your favorite ways to stay healthy and active while on the go??

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Belle Omniley
Belle Omniley

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