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If you’re like most career women or busy moms on the go, you’ve probably wondered how you could possibly save a few extra hours each week. Since a traveling job keeps me on the go, this is something that I’ve wondered about a lot. And that’s why the idea of home meal prep kits struck me as just so insanely practical. Why waste time planning your family’s meals when someone else can do it for you? And why spend hours in the kitchen slicing, dicing, and measuring, when it can all be done for you?

As you might have guessed by now, I recently had my own adventures in the world of home meal prep kits. My brand of choice was HelloFresh, which hooked me immediately with their tagline, “Cooking as easy as eating.” And, as it turns out, cooking with HelloFresh really was as easy as eating. All the recipes come with step-by-step instructions, and everything comes pre-cut, pre-sliced and pre-measured. That’s the type of convenient flexibility that a mom on the go like me is looking for!

And, since I’m cooking for more than myself – I have two picky eaters, a husband and a teenage son – I also wanted a meal kit solution that would give me plenty of options. And that’s where HelloFresh really stands out from the competition. If you’ve checked out your local supermarket, they might have a handful of different meal prep kits. But HelloFresh gives you 10 new recipes weekly – and all of them are chef-created. Each new meal kit gives you a brand-new chance to show off your foodie skills!

The good news here is that all of this convenient flexibility allowed me to steer clear of the areas that are a definite “no go” for us. Plus, it was a lot easier to order the right types of food for us. How many times have you ordered takeout and had the sinking feeling that you probably weren’t putting the best types of food inside your body? HelloFresh solves that problem by making sure that each meal is completely dietitian-approved. (As an added bonus, that means I don’t have to worry about my son’s football coach questioning his diet anymore!)

Of course, the big selling point of HelloFresh is just how easy it is to use this service. For one, you can have everything delivered right to your doorstep. We tested to see whether it could help our family avoid daily trips to the grocery store and improve overall time management. The service really delivered. Literally. The whole service was stress-free, resulted in fewer trips to the grocery store, and required minimal prep and cleanup. (The service is so easy to use, in fact, that I could imagine my husband taking care of meals by himself when I’m away with travel!) So, check, check and check – HelloFresh checked off all the right boxes for me.

And the best part about HelloFresh is how it made cooking exciting again. Even though some brilliant chef might have come up with these marvelous creations, the fact that you are doing it yourself made it feel like I was embracing my inner Food Network celebrity.


Disclaimer: This was not a paid advertisement. All views are my own. Please consult your healthcare provider for any medical advice.

Belle Omniley
Belle Omniley

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