New eyes! All about my zeelool experience…

 New spectacles…Who dis

I finally decided to get me some new spectacles for holidays. I must admit I am still in love with my Warby Parker spectacles but I was overdue for a new pair. Oh and yes my vision is getting worst.
I decided to try Zeelool after seeing all the sponsored ads on Instagram and Facebook. What I was not ready for…THE WAIT.
I placed my order on 11/13 and it shipped out on 11/25. I thought it was initially a 10-15 business day shipping policy…I ordered a prescription frame. It was not verified as far as I can tell.
I interacted with the website chat customer service twice while waiting. The first time I was told expect delivery by 12/10 and the 2nd time I was told 12/19. The package was received on 12/13. I am pleased with the quality of the frame for the price. 
Will I order again I’m still on the fence…

Who dis?
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Belle Omniley
Belle Omniley

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